About ACS International, Inc.

Our Mission

At ACS, our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, service, and value through continuous improvement, innovating new products, and exceptional customer relationships.

Welcome to ACS International!

Welcome to ACS International.

Incorporated in 1990 ACS International Products LP is a privately owned company located in Tucson, Arizona and part of the German Dorfner Group.
ACS International is one of the US’s top manufacturers of decorative, organic fillers made from polyester-resin granulates. The products are primarily used in the production of bath and sanitary products, furniture and other cast polymer applications.
The facility includes crushing and blending equipment along with a comprehensive laboratory, ensuring quality control and advancements in research and development in all our product lines.

ACS manufactures a broad range of products including: Poly Stone™ spray granite, Dura Stone® solid surface filler, Poly Chips® solid surface chip(s) components and Featherlite® an ultra-light series of fillers.

For more information, please contact ACS at 1-800-669-9214 or e-mail.


ACS International's First Product Line Goldenite 2000

ACS International began in 1990 with
the first product line, Goldenite 2000.

History of ACS International

Once referred to as Arizona Cultured Stone Products, the company began producing granite effect fillers for the cultured marble industry in 1990 with the trade name of Granite Fill 2000. By 1992, a line of solid surface fillers called Dura Stone was added to the product offering. Soon after, Poly Stone was brought to the market to meet the needs of the spray granite trend.



Today, ACS International boasts infinite color possibilities with their innovative technologies.

Each year has brought expansion in both product offering along with an ever-widening selection of colors and materials designed to suit almost any composites application cosmetic requirement.









ACS International's expansive production facility is impressive.

ACS International’s expansive production facility is impressive.

Today, ACS is a leading supplier of raw materials for the cast polymer and composites industries. All products manufactured by ACS continue to be made in the United States while sold both domestically and internationally.

With the acquisition of ACS International in August 2017 by Dorfner, ACS is able to offer also mineral fillers for composite materials and flooring applications.